Biotechnologicky ustav AV CR, v. v. i.

Prumyslova 595 (BIOCEV), Vestec 252 50
The mission of the Institute of Biotechnology AS CR, v. V. I. Is basic research in the field of molecular biological sciences and prospectively transfer of biotechnological methods and molecular tools for the diagnosis and treatment of human diseases. We are a top research institute and our goal is to produce scientific results that will be translated into clinical practice.

Research activity:
 - development of therapeutic, diagnostic procedures
 - study of pathological conditions of the cell
 - structural biology
 - protein engineering
 - research of biotechnologically, diagnostically and medically interesting biomolecules, proteins and nucleic acids.

Molecular Structure Center (CMS):
 - study of spatial structure, function, biophysical properties of biological molecules.

Gene Core Service Laboratory:
 - high capacity and digital PCR
 - single cell analysis
 - experiment quality control.

Service Technology Laboratory (STL):
 - medicinal chemistry
 - preclinical development.

Since 2013, the institute has been involved in the BIOCEV project.

All news and other information can be found on the website.

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