SONDEO s.r.o.
stavebni projekce


Geodetické práce

Design work, passportization and repassportation of buildings, geodetic and geological work, health and safety coordinator services, construction supervision and other activities in the field of construction are provided by SONDEO s.r.o. We perform work throughout the Czech Republic and we are able to meet our customers as much as possible in terms of their requirements. You can find us at Blatného 1885/36, Brno.

- design engineering activity
- building design, building design
- special activities in the field of drinking water supply (we perform measurement and diagnostics of water supply networks with a focus on pipe hydraulics and the quality of transported drinking water, we perform controlled flushing of water supply networks)
- construction supervision, supervisions
- IG surveys
- geodetic works
- engineering geodesy
- geometric plans for marking the building, demarcation of the ownership boundary of land registered in the real estate cadastre, preparation of geodetic documentation of the actual construction, creation of map materials, marking of the floor plan of the future construction in the field ....... etc.
- passportization (documenting the impact of construction on surrounding buildings)
- construction passport (simplified construction documentation)
- diagnostic surveys, diagnostics of buildings and structures, construction-technical surveys and diagnostics of structures (3D laser scanner, measurement of deformations, inclinations, convergences, integrity of piles, load tests of soils and loose ..... and more)
- Health and Safety Coordinator.

When carrying out the work, we have a portfolio of qualified experts who specialize in specific areas of construction. If you are interested in our services, do not hesitate to contact us.

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