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The CARTINT company in the Uherské Hradiště and Uherský Brod regions and in other parts of Moravia ensures the tinting of car windows without dismantling and applies car foils and protective foils to vehicle bodies.

We also apply window foils to building glass - thermal insulation, safety or sun protection foils.
We supply safety glass for buildings and tint the glass on buildings.

-Zlín-Louky, Pod Šternberkem 306.

For private individuals and companies, we offer a quick change in the design of vehicles thanks to the application of wrap foil - changing foil on the vehicle body. These foils perform a protective function, so the original paint is not scratched or faded.
These are 3D foils that can be used to cover the entire body or only a part of it - they can be used in various means of transport.

We offer tinting of car windows, when it is not necessary to disassemble the glass.
The used car foils increase the resistance of the glass against abrasion and scratches, have a long service life and do not change color, provide protection against UV radiation, reduce the possibility of glare to the driver.

We offer safety window foils in a clear design as well as sunscreens in various shades. They reduce the risk of injury when breaking glass, preventing thieves from getting into the building, etc. The use is suitable for glass walls or doors, eg in industrial plants, schools, kindergartens.

We use sun reflective foils where we need to minimize the transmission of heat into the building through the windows, the advantage of the foils is that they are opaque from the outside, at the same time they ensure your privacy.

Thermal insulation, solar reflective foils for the interior, which are applied from the inside, are used where it is necessary to minimize heating costs. You can choose insulating foils in clear design as well as color variants.

Assembly workshop:
-Zlín-Louky, Pod Šternberkem 306, areál Zlínprojekt.

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