VTP PELKA s.r.o.
Prodejna instalacniho materialu

  • central heating radiators, gas heating radiators, radiator valves, radiator cocks, safety heating valves, bleed valves

  • designing of gas pipelines, gas main installation, gas system installations, gas main repairs, maintenance of gas networks, gas equipment inspections

  • central heating installation, repair of heating, house boiler rooms, heat pumps, installation of electric boilers, thermoregulation valves

  • industrial water distribution systems, plumbing reconstruction, sewerage installation, reconstruction of sanitary units, water plumber

  • immersion pumps, hot water pumps, hydro dynamic pumps, centrifugal pumps, sludge pumps, compressor accessories

  • environment measuring systems, continual emission measurement, sales of filtration systems for environment protection

  • distribution of sanitary ceramics, shower basins, ceramic wash basins, shower hoses, wc mechanisms

  • ball valves, pressure reducing valves, thermostatic mixers, float and drain valves, sealing materials, water meters and accessories

VTP Pelka s.r.o. employees are experts in the field of water topo gas. The company operates and implements plumbing not only in the district of Uherské Hradiště, but throughout the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Austria.
We provide plumbing, supply sewerage, domestic gas pipelines, install central heating, floor heating, water heaters, boilers or boilers.
You can buy all installation materials and sanitary ceramics in our Old Town shop.

ISO 9001: 2008 certificate holder.
Plumbing, installation, sale, supply, installation, assembly:
  -floor heating, heating
  -supply of all brands of heating elements, heating elements, boiler, central heating boilers
 - gas, gas
  -supply of gas appliances, gas appliances, water heaters, heaters, boilers, boilers, karma, karma, karma, karma
  - customer service
 - plumbing, plumbing:
  -supply - washbasins, washbasins, bathtubs, shower enclosures, shower enclosures, waste outlet fittings.

Retail, retail:
  Velkomoravská 1164, 68603 Old Town
  tel.fax: 572542120
  - installation material water, topo, gas
  -Sanitary ceramics and equipment - washbasins, toilet bowls, toilets, showers
  - outlet fittings - faucets, valves, sensor batteries
  - shut-off valves - ball valves, flange and check valves
  -Locks, handles, screws, screws, grinding and cutting discs
  -electromagnetic water treatment plants INKRUST
  -Gas boilers
  -plate, aluminum and cast iron radiators, radiators
  -radiator valves, thermostatic valves, thermo-heads
  - plastic pipes for water supply - PPR Hostalen, RPE polyethylene pipes, galvanized pipes
  - Copper pipes including fittings for domestic water supply and central heating.

Solar water heating - domestic hot water:
 -solar collectors
 -heat pumps
 -condensation gas boilers.


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