Obchod a sluzby Dokoupil s.r.o.
Kramek u Dokoupilu

Sadova 126/1, Valasske Mezirici 757 01
Internet shop, eshop, sale:
- drugstore
- food
- drinks
- children's goods.
Goods from Austria and Germany.

  • women's make-ups, men's cosmetics, women's deodorants, men's antiperspirants, washing powders and detergents, fragrances and perfumes, toilet waters, women's cosmetics, body lotions, shower gels, hair shampoos
  • cakes and desserts, ice cream products, whipped creams, icings and decorations, baking bases, dried fruit
  • prepared meals, ready meals, ready-to-cook meals, packaged dishes, instant soups, instant main courses, frozen oven-ready foods
  • fruit juices, mineral waters, carbonated drinks, crushed ice, soft drinks and juices, syrups and multivitamins
  • common wheat breads, fine breads, doughnut products, salted pastry, wheat bread, cereal bread
  • food products, mill products, sugar refinery products, animal and vegetable fats

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