Klinicka psychologie Karlovy Vary s.r.o.

T. G. Masaryka 623/12, Karlovy Vary 360 01
Telephone: +420 603 176 211

The Society of Clinical Psychology of Karlovy Vary s.r.o. provides psychological counseling and psychotherapy, including couple psychotherapy and work with adolescents. We also perform psychological diagnostics of personality, examination of cognitive functions, neuropsychological examination and support of personal growth. The Clinical Psychology Surgery is a non-governmental medical facility. Professional services are covered by the health insurance company. Personal development is paid for by direct payment, it does not fall into medical services.

Clinical Psychology Surgery:
- psychological counseling and psychotherapy
- psychological diagnostics
- personal development.

Why visit a psychologist:
- Are you not feeling well, have you lost your well-being or the meaning of your activity?
- Life does not please you as before, do you feel exhausted?
- Are you looking for a solution to a problem?
- Do you think you're in a hopeless situation?
- Are you not as satisfied in a partnership or other relationship as before?
- Are you worried about children?
- Do you feel lonely or repeatedly fail to develop satisfactory relationships?
- Are anxiety or strong worries complicating your daily life?
- "Does your feet irritate" your lack of confidence?

Take advantage of psychological counseling, psychotherapy or personal development. Together we will find an understanding of your problem and its solution. You can find us at T. G. Masaryka 623/12, Karlovy Vary.

Reg. No.: 03091431
District: Karlovy Vary
Country: The Czech Republic
Legal form: limited company
Employees: up to 5 employees
Turnover: unspecified

+420 603 176 211
+420 353 235 208


GPS: 50°13′46.74″ N, 12°52′18.01″ E

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