Medovinka Brno

Zelny trh 250/14, Brno - stred 602 00
In our store Medovinka Brno, which you can visit right in the center of Brno on the Green Market, we offer you a large selection of excellent honeys not only from Czech beekeepers. You will also find some interesting foreign types of honey, such as lavender honey from France. Our range also includes other bee products, such as propolis, bee pollen or royal jelly. We offer honeys not only pure, but also with fruit juice in seven different flavors, and at the same time we also have honeys with pickled nuts of many kinds and with fruit. If you are interested in great mead, we offer many types. Both flavored and natural without flavors and also the best mead in the world - bee, baricolated mead, with chili and hemp or maybe with coffee and much more. You can have the honey rolled directly into your glass. You will save for a glass and you will get excellent spring honey from us for the best price.

  • women's make-ups, men's cosmetics, women's deodorants, men's antiperspirants, washing powders and detergents, fragrances and perfumes, toilet waters, women's cosmetics, body lotions, shower gels, hair shampoos
  • plain wheat flour, semi-coarse wheat flour, coarse wheat flour, rye flour, maize meal and corn meal, granulated sugar, icing sugar, fat production
  • spirits distribution, whisky, vodka and tequila, gin and liqueurs, brandy, rum, fruit spirits

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