TOPEK, s.r.o.

Topolna 143, Topolna 687 11
Bakery, bakery production.
-Delicacies and cold dishes with delivery:
-balls, salads, baguettes (6 types).
Delivery of pastries:
-shops, restaurants, hotels, buffets,
schools, kindergartens, etc.

  • dietetic foodstuffs, foods for diabetics, sugar-free foodstuffs, low-fat foods, gluten-free foods, food supplements
  • aspic delicacies, open sandwiches and platters, filled rolls, submarine sandwiches, delicacy salads, delicacies distribution
  • common wheat breads, fine breads, doughnut products, salted pastry, wheat bread, cereal bread
  • food industry, chilled and frozen foods, ready meals, instant products, fast food

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