Josef Maier

Nadrazni 113, Plesna 351 35
My name is Josef Maier and I have been involved in fire protection and occupational safety for almost 30 years. I offer interested parties the organization of occupational health and safety and fire protection, as well as the processing and management of fire protection documentation and training of employees. I am also at your disposal if you are interested in authorizing the fire safety of buildings or developing a fire safety solution for the required building. I am a member of the Czech Chamber of Authorized Engineers and Technicians in Construction.

- OSH organization
- fire protection organization
- processing and management of PO documentation
- staff training
- authorization of fire safety of buildings
- fire safety solutions for the building

I am located in the district of Cheb in the village of Plesná on the street Nádražní 113.

  • special educational courses, team building courses, machine operation courses, workshops and motivation courses
  • manufacture of fire extinguishers, revisions of fire extinguishers, sales of hydrant systems, fire safety signs

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