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  • air ducts, house fans, industrial ventilators, recuperation units, heat pumps, space ventilation, space heating, noise silencers, air-conditioning filtration material

The supplier of ventilation systems of the Finnish brand VILPE is the company Jakub Kokeš CZ, s.r.o. in České Budějovice. They provide roof fans, everything needed for ventilation and airing of all types of roofs, pipes for recuperation and hoods in kitchens.

The Finnish brand VILPE brings you Nordic clean air directly to your home. Roof fans are most often used to extract air from bathrooms and kitchens, but they are also used to ventilate the entire house. Because correctly, the air in the interior should change every two hours, which we will guarantee you.

In our range you can order roof fans for flat and sloping roofs. They are also available in a higher range of Eco Flow.

Ventilation pipes and suction pipes for recuperation are also available. Roof passage elements also for solar collectors. Low-pressure ventilation of ALIPAI roof insulation, KTV ventilation elements, ROSS ventilation chimneys, multifunctional ventilation grilles, roof gutters and passage elements for chimneys and sealing passage elements.

All our components for ventilation systems are suitable for all types of roofs and are available in several colors.

We also supply motorized hoods for kitchens, which are directly suitable for installation with roof fans. The hoods are modern, tasteful and suitable for both modern and classic interiors.



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