Izolace Danhel, s.r.o.

  • installation of gutters, window sills sheeting, laying of roofs, replacement of roof covering, thermal insulation of roofs, standing seam roof panel installation

  • roof insulation, building jacketing, thermal and sound insulation, thermal insulation and coatings, rehabilitation of humid masonry

Insulation of flat roofs, garden ponds, swimming pools, against radon and also pressurized water will be provided by the company Izolace Daňhel, s.r.o.

If you need to perform quality waterproofing or insulation against radon, do not hesitate to contact us.

Our services include waterproofing of flat residential and industrial roofs, terraces and also balconies.
Foil waterproofing of horizontal roofs can be applied both for new buildings and for reconstructions of horizontal roofs and older buildings.

Furthermore, before insulation, we perform insulation with cotton wool or polystyrene.

We also provide insulation against moisture, damp masonry, radon, pressurized water and we are also available to you even if you need to insulate a pond, terrace, balcony or pool.

We are also engaged in complex plumbing and roofing activities. We perform both renovations and new turnkey roofs. We work with all types of roofing, we perform impregnation against wood-destroying pests. We also focus on roofing, installation of gutters, downspouts and window sills.

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