Petr Manasek

  • laying of ceramic tiles, laying of ceramic floor tiling, stair tiling, silicone tile sealing, anchoring strips installation

  • thermal insulation of house, roof repair, attic replacement, thermal insulation of building cladding, insulation of windowsills, window ledges replacement, replacement of railings, reconstruction of flats, restoration of houses, rehabilitation of plinths, substitution of lightning conductors, replacement of windows and doors

  • comfort of sanitary facilities, wall and floor tiling, sanitary ceramics, bathroom furniture, sanitary unit reconstruction

  • simple masonry works, concrete laying, brick wall erection, assembly of prefabricated parts, surface finish of masonry structures

Petr Maňásek is a specialist in complete reconstructions of apartment cores, bathrooms, apartments and interiors in Uherské Hradiště, Zlín, Veselí nad Moravou, Hodonín and its surroundings.

When renovating a bathroom, apartment core or apartment, we place emphasis on quality, care and detail to achieve the best results. The goal of this transformation is higher professionalism, from the first contact with a potential customer to the handover of the finished work. Everything is done by experienced professionals and suppliers with whom we have very good experience.

- reconstruction of flats and apartment cores
- bathroom renovation
- masonry work
- masonry and tiling work.

We provide the following work:
- plumbing work
- electrical work
- kitchen production, floor work
- painting works.

We are located at Polešovice 47, Uherské Hradiště district.

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Petr Manasek


Polesovice 47
Polesovice 687 37
+420 608 456 676

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