H2P Bohemia s.r.o.

  • machining work, turning and lathe work, milling work, round grinding, flat grinding, CNC machining

  • round plastic rods, hollow plastic rods, plastic sheets and boards, flat plastic rods, plastic films, moulded and injected plastics

  • machining of iron materials, classical metal chip working, grooving of non-ferrous materials, mechanical engineering production

  • metal tips, forged railing bars, metal handles, metal rolled rods, metal posts

The company H2P Bohemia s.r.o. deals with metal production and industrial 3D printing.

Metal production:
The craftsmanship of our employees in conjunction with quality machinery allows us to effectively meet the needs of customers in the order of piece and series production. Thanks to the combination of available metal production, tooling and CNC machining, you can get one reliable supplier in all these segments in our company.

Industrial 3D printing:
We believe that 3D printing has a future. And especially 3D printing on unique technologies. And we like to face the future. Therefore, in our offer you will find not only technology for 3D printing of thermoplastics, but also technology for 3D printing of metals and plastic composites. In order to be able to offer perfect services and accurate information, we use the support provided directly by the manufacturer of the given technology.

Our products are used in energy, construction, automotive, furniture and many other manufacturing industries. We produce for both B2B and B2C sectors. Every job is important to us.

You can find us at Štítov 6, district Rokycany.

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