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TBG Metrostav supplies Prague and its surroundings with concrete from four modern concrete plants (Rohanský ostrov, Libeň, Radlice and Písnice) with a total output of 380 m3 / hour.

Concrete plants produce concrete mixtures - all types, in accordance with the relevant standards:
- concretes according to the standard ČSN EN 206 + A1 - various strength classes, for all degrees of environmental impact, design life 50 and 100 years - high-strength (HSC) and high-quality (HPC) concretes, ultra-high-value and ultra-high-strength concretes, waterproof concretes, self-compacting concretes (SCC), fiber concretes colored concretes
- mixtures for road construction - aggregates cemented with cement, rolled concrete, base concrete, interstitial concrete, cement concrete cover
- concrete for industrial floors - Steelcrete (structural concrete with dispersed steel reinforcement), Floorcrete (wire concrete for industrial floors)
- architectural concretes - concrete for visible structures, Easycrete (easily compacted to self-compacting concretes), Colorcrete (colored concretes).
- screeds and special fine-grained mixtures - dry screeds, wet screeds, cement-ash suspensions, cast Anhyment and Cemflow screeds (cast self-leveling mixtures with excellent surface flatness, anhydrite, alpha gypsum screeds, cast cement screeds, floor screeds), fresh Malmix mortar mixtures (intended for masonry), cement cast foams Poriment (intended for pouring distribution in floors)
- concrete for tunnels - shotcrete, concrete for final lining
- hydraulic concrete
- uncertified concretes
- concretes with an additive accelerating or slowing down setting
- sulphate-resistant cement
Terraflow - cast cement self-compacting material of low strength suitable for backfilling ..
Ecocrete - concrete made from recycled material, which is created from construction debris

Custom concretes - according to the customer's wishes:
- we will also produce concrete according to the recipe you have supplied.
- we will develop and produce concrete that meets your required parameters.

Another services:
- transport by mixer
- own transport possible
- transport and storage by pumps
- consulting activity.

Other keywords:
- ready-mixed concrete, concrete mixer, concreting, pump, pump, concrete pump, screed.


Prague concrete pumps and transport
tel. 724 040 100

Operation and rental of pumps for fresh concrete and mortar mixtures:
All types of pumps
- small floor mixers
- stable pumps
- pump mixers
- concreting towers
- mobile concrete pumps with an arm length of 46m
- Aeronic II. - pumping of cast cement foam with polystyrene PORIMENT P.
Transport of concrete mixers.

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