Tactical Advantage, s.r.o.

Tactical Advantage, s.r.o. is a neutral Czech logistics company focused on the sea and air transport of goods and also provides assistance, consulting, training and other services in this field.

We believe that logistics services can be provided on a very friendly, family basis; we do not pursue the financial or volume criteria of owners or shareholders, but we give clients the best we can and what we have learned in more than 20 years in the industry. True and fast information, solid prices and careful processing of business cases are a matter of course for us. Our added value is time per customer. We are neither too early in the morning nor too late in the evening - you always have us within reach and where you need us.

For us, logistics is a world of tactical movement in the field, overcoming obstacles, a sequence of correct steps, the use of a favorable situation. We are strictly neutral, we follow exclusively the interests of our clients, who are our extended family.

Logistics services:
- sea transport of goods
- air transport of goods
- supervision during loading or unloading of goods
- customs services
- insurance services.

Advisory, consulting and training activities:
- quick market research and services offered
- evaluation of price offers and other parameters according to the client's priorities
- tenders for transport
- consulting and advisory activities not only in the segment of ordinary commercial consignments, but also specialized transport (over-the-counter consignments, goods in a controlled temperature regime, special transports, including DG class 1)
- 3PL or 4PL
- representation in solving the agenda of certificates and licenses (chambers of commerce, ministries)
- training and seminars for employees in logistics operations, including delivery conditions, loss events, documentation requirements
- crisis logistics: on the basis of the contract, we will take over the client's complete professional operations (eg coverage of short-term seasonal peaks, new projects, etc.)

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