Zdenek Brslica

Vlcnovska, Uhersky Brod 688 01

Reg. No.: 48486876
VAT No.: CZ6708111091
District: Uherske Hradiste
Country: The Czech Republic
Legal form: entrepreneur with trade license
Employees: up to 5 employees
Turnover: less then 185 thousand €
Contact person: Zdeněk Bršlica

  • domestic cargo transport, internal transport of agricultural commodities, domestic trucking, domestic railway transport
  • manual tools, pneumatic tools, workshop equipment, electrical tools, floor-laying tools, rotary tools
  • loose building materials, solid construction materials, building material sale, walling, sand sale, gravel sale, sale of stone, brick sale
  • kitchen tiling, bathroom tiles, ceramic tiles, exterior tiling, outdoor pavement
  • coating systems, jointing materials, flexible sealants, adhesive sealants, cleaning chemicals, penetration coatings
  • chimney systems, construction of chimneys, chimney accessories, brick and stainless chimneys, smoke flue installation
  • elastic hydro insulating plasters, insulation glues, gap filling materials, silicone putties, mineral felt, insulating gaskets
  • gypsum boards, plasterboard sections, plasterboard ceilings, plasterboard ceiling accessories, adhesives and cements for plasterboard

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