agro-centrum Petr Trojan
Zemedelska, zahradni, komunalni technika

In the agro-center gardening supplies you will find everything you need for your garden. At our eshop we have a wide range of garden, forestry equipment and we also provide its service.

The establishment can be found at Vlčnovská 758, Uherský Brod.
Opportunity for all from the district of Zlín, Uherské Hradiště and the entire Zlín region to buy garden equipment and supplies for gardeners at bargain prices.

Gardening equipment.
Retail, sale, eshop, service, repair:
 -Small agricultural, garden and municipal machinery and tools
 - drum mowers
 - odmechovače
 - lawn cutters
 - brushcutters and trimmers
 - Chainsaws
 -Garden tractors and riders
 - small tractors
 -water technology
 -sprayers and sprayers
 - snow blowers
 - branch shredders
 -garden rollers
 - hedge trimmers
 -milling cutters
 - vacuum cleaners and blowers
 -electric tools
 -protective equipment
 Agados trucks.

 - motor, electric, accumulator, spindle, robotic, drum
 - lawn mowers - with and without travel Al-ko, MTD, Husqvarna
 - electric lawnmowers - with or without PowerMax, MTD, Al-ko
 - cordless mowers - PowerMax with optional spare batteries, telescopic swivel shanks
 - Spindle mowers - motor, electric, manual, cordless Al-ko, MTD, Husqvarna, Gardena and Momentum with the option of purchasing spare parts eg cloth collection basket
 - robotic lawnmowers automatic Husqvarna Automower
 - drum mowers - with trolley, without traction RZS, Tekton, Panter, Honda with optional accessories - chains, container for crates, protective cover for drum mowing, fixed body for truck chassis, transport wheel, snow rake, guide wheels, meter bed, trolley, trailer seat, branch and garden waste shredder, mulcher, rotary cultivator, rotary sweeping brush, collector, tedder, rake, cutting attachment and drive units
 - accessories - boundary wire connectors, wheel brushes, spare electric lawnmower blade, robotic lawnmower blade sets, crampons, transformer cable, Automower's loop wire, robotic lawnmower wall brackets, mower transfer cables, transformer, battery, set of wheels for mower, house or colored cover for mower.

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agro-centrum Petr Trojan


Vlcnovska 758
Uhersky Brod 688 01
+420 602 601 316

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