Vyrobce obaloveho materialu

  • elastic hydro insulating plasters, insulation glues, gap filling materials, silicone putties, mineral felt, insulating gaskets

  • covering plastic films, construction foils, bubble wraps, LDPE and stretch films, plastic crates and boxes, plastic bottles and cans, plastic barrels and buckets, plastic containers

Centroplast, s.r.o. from the region of Uherské Hradiště is engaged in the production of packaging materials of all kinds.
The production is focused on HDPE and LDPE foils, plastic bags, zipper bags, blanks, bubble, shrinkable, multilayer foils, agrofollies on greenhouses, hoses, half-tubes.

More than 1000 types of plastic products are on offer.
We are able to produce various variations of our products in a very short time.
We provide deliveries including transport to the customer.

Production, sale, wholesale:
Foils, hoses, semi-conductors with colorless branched polyethylene PE-LD with possibility of printing - use for hygienic food packaging and protection of goods.

Agrofoils with UV stabilization - large-area foils designed for foliage

LD-PE heat-shrinkable films that have good weldability, strength, rigidity, heat resistance and even shrinkage.

Vapor barrier - foil for creating a vapor barrier in roof structures with insulating layer, chemically resistant to aggressive chemicals and their vapors. The vapor barrier is resistant to the action of microorganisms and molds.

Multicolored bags made of foam PE, bubble - fast closable, zipper bags, with adhesive strip, adhesive flap.
Sacks of polyethylene, foam PE, bubble foil.
Self-supporting bags for packing salt, fertilizers, soil, building materials.

Stretch stretch film in various widths - transparent, black.

Aquaplast waterproofing foil - resistant to leakage, water, puncture, root penetration.

ND profiles - protective corner and connecting strips.

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