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The company EB - stav s.r.o. Zlín-Malenovice focuses on complete construction work with a focus on sprayed insulation. Sprayed PUR foam is used to insulate the roof, attic and the entire building.

Foam insulation has many advantages:
- excellent thermal insulation properties
- sound isolation
- 100% adhesion and tack to most materials - except PE / PP
- high dimensional stability - after curing, it no longer expands or shrinks
- resistance to mold and rot
- can be used directly on concrete, masonry, sheet metal and other substrates.

Wide range of uses:
- soft insulating foam increases the volume up to 120x - it is suitable for insulation in the interior, for insulation of attics, walls, etc.
- medium-hard insulating foam increases the volume up to 50x - used indoors and outdoors to insulate attics, facades, waterproofing foundations
- hard insulating roof foam - for exterior insulation, especially for flat roofs.

Construction work:
- smart foam - roof insulation, attic with PUR foam
- buildings, turnkey family houses
- Lowenergy houses
- insulation of family and prefabricated houses
- rough constructions
- construction of production halls - prefabricated halls, steel structures.

- plasterboard
- interlocking paving.
- central vacuum cleaners.

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