Naradi a nastroje, s.r.o.

Pivovarska 134, Uherske Hradiste-Jarosov 686 01
-profi engineering tools, tools:
-turning lathes
-threads, tapping heads
-Reamers, countersinks, countersinks
-diamond tools
-Locksmith vices, clamping tools, reduction sleeves, milling mandrels, rotating tips
-meters, meters, bands, calipers, micrometers, depth gauges, altimeters, thread gauges, roller gauges
-hammers, pliers, files.
Tool grinding.
Engineering production, tool work.

  • hand tools, electric tools, cordless tools, workshop tools, DIY tools, air pneumatic tools
  • manufacture of single-purpose machines, production of injection moulds, tool works services
  • CNC machining lines, machining centres, welding equipment, lathes and milling machines, metal presses

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