KOVO Ulicny
Roman Ulicny

  • machining work, turning and lathe work, milling work, round grinding, flat grinding, CNC machining

  • metal milling, metal working, metal part grinding, construction works, metal processing

  • machining of iron materials, classical metal chip working, grooving of non-ferrous materials, mechanical engineering production

Engineering company with long tradition Kovo-Uličný based in Hulín deals with metal and CNC machining, milling, turning, grinding parts and tools and metalworking. It focuses on piece production, custom production and prototype production of planar parts, rotary parts and complicated shapes of metal and non-metal materials.

The parts are manufactured according to the supplied drawing documentation or using 3D models with the support of CAD software. Subsequently, these 3D models are processed in CAM software to create their technological machining process.

The company has a wide range of production, such as milling, turning, grinding, slotting, etc., has many types of machines, from modern CNC machining centers to conventional conventional machines. The production accuracy check is monitored in case of more accurate products by 3D coordinate measuring device and in case of more common checks by 2D linear altimeter and manual workshop gauges.

 - CNC machining, CNC milling, CNC turning, shaft grinding, plane and vertical grinding, holes, drilling, slotting, stacking, material cutting.

We produce parts on CNC machines brand Akira Seiki and Masturn.

The aim of Kovo-Uličný is primarily the accuracy, quality and timely delivery of parts according to customer requirements.

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