Ing. Karin Liskova - ucetni a danova kancelar

Vejvanovskeho 384/1, Kromeriz 767 01
Our accounting and tax office offers you legal assistance in all areas of taxes, tax advice and assistance in processing contracts according to new legal standards. You can find the services we offer at 384 Vejvanovského Street in Kroměříž.

Ing. Karin Lišková - tax advisor Kroměříž.
Accounting and tax office:
- accounting and tax advice
- bookkeeping, tax records
- ensuring the submission of all necessary documents for financial administration, social security and health administration
insurance company
- representation before the tax office (tax administrator)
- preparation of a written tax opinion on the case
- we will process your accounting or tax records
- electronic submission of mandatory reports
- we will provide you with an expert opinion on movable and immovable things in cases where required by law
- processing of accounting documents, tax returns
- keeping tax records, accounting, wages, incl. annual statement

  • tax adviser, accounting consultant, complete accounting, tax consultations, final accounts verification, economic result check

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