MUDr. Iva Petrova
Detsky lekar

MUDr. Iva Petrová runs a general practitioner's office for children and adolescents. I provide diagnostic, therapeutic and preventive care for children and adolescents up to the age of 19.

We accept new patients from newborns to the age of 19 from the region - Zdounky, Cetechovice, Roštín, Těšánky, Nětčice, Zborovice, Medlov, Skržice, Soběsuky, Milovice, Cetechovice ..

Surgery equipment:
- CRP - immediate resolution of viral and bacterial infection
- ultrasonic inhaler - free of charge
- surveillance by a camera system
- air conditioning + air purifier
- hand massage device
- professional sports massage - orders by phone and in person.

General practitioner's office for children and adolescents:

Zdounky surgery
Náměstí 21, 768 02, Zdounky.

Troubky-Zdislavice surgery
Zdislavice 10, 768 02, Zdislavice.

Surgery Roštín
Roštín 117, 768 03, Roštín.

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MUDr. Iva Petrova


Zdounky 21
Zdounky 768 02
+420 573 365 137

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