DOUBRAVA, spol. s r.o.

Zahnasovice 129, Zahnasovice 769 01
The company DOUBRAVA, spol. s r.o. deals with animal production, breeding and fattening of pigs, dairy cattle, crop production and renewable energy production.

We breed pigs of the TOPIGS meat breed. From our kennel you can order pigs or piglets of different weights to be fed or slaughtered. We sell pigs weighing up to 120 kg, we will provide a higher weight by prior arrangement.

We breed dairy cattle of the Holstein-Friesian breed. We pay attention to quality nutrition, daily veterinary care and milk quality control. We supply milk from our cows to the dairy NET PLASY, spol. s r. o. in Bystřice pod Hostýnem.

Our company farms on agricultural land in Zahnašovice, Ludslavice and 7 adjacent cadastres of the Zlín Region. We are constantly interested in buying or leasing agricultural land in the locality. We use the land exclusively for the development of our activities. If you are interested, we will handle all formalities for you.

Our biogas plant was put into operation in March 2010, it is the Austrian technology Enserv. The biogas plant produces electricity with an output of 888 KW / hour. We use waste heat to heat pork and our farm premises.

We grow fodder crops (silage corn, alfalfa, grass), which are used for animal production. We also grow market crops (wheat, barley, corn, sugar beet, potatoes), which we offer for wholesale and retail sales.

You can find us at Zahnašovice 129, district Kroměříž.

  • growing crops, crop production, agricultural commodities, food wheat, malting barley, fodder millet
  • growing of plants providing elastomers, plants producing tannin, plants containing natural pigments
  • root and fruit plants, leafy and podded vegetables, bulbous plants and cabbages, kinds of spices, agricultural products
  • horses and cattle, pigs and poultry, sheep and goats, meat and skin processing, animal breeding
  • breeding equipment, dry dog food, feed mixtures, animal nutrition

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