Regeneracni centrum a hotel HARMONIE
Frantisek Ernest

Lazne 626, Bystrice pod Hostynem 768 61
Regeneration center HARMONIE in Moravia in Bystřice pod Hostýnem offers accommodation in the hotel HARMONIE with a restaurant and related harmonization, regeneration and recreational stays. It specializes in 1 - 3 week stays with the aim of initiating a self-healing process.

The area of 2 hectares is located in the protected area of the Hostýn Mountains and is surrounded by beautiful nature, beautiful forests and clean air. Inside the area is planting greenery, flowers, herb beds and a pond.


 - restaurant with bar and lounge (gentle preparation of meat and vegetarian steamed meals)
 - double rooms - own bathroom with shower and toilet with possibility of TV rental (equipment of rooms based on natural materials)
 - possibility of securing a room for newlyweds
 - organizing weddings, seminars or training sessions

Regeneration center - harmonization procedures

 - the main part of the entire stay - procedures at the physical and mental level
 - Reics, acupuncture, magnetotherapy, psychokinesiological unblocking, radionic diagnostics and therapy, bioresonance diagnostics and therapy, three-sector quantum diagnostics and American system and LIFE therapy, three-sector diagnosis of underlying tissue, organ, cell and therapy conditions
 - deficiency of vitamins, minerals and trace elements and therapy with herbal teas, tinctures and dietary supplements
 - treatment of locomotive organs, digestive disorders

Wellness procedures

 - partial or total health massage
 - lymphatic massages, hot stone massages, wrap procedures, baths (beer, peat, pearl), detoxification procedures, resin wrap SOFT-PACK

Cosmetic procedures

 - facial and décolletage treatment
 - manicure, pedicure
 - rejuvenation treatment with galvanic iron and polarized light, needle laser

Wellness treatments

 - sauna world - steam, Finnish, aroma and salt saunas
 - whirlpool, Priessnitz sidewalk, salt cascade, Rasul, heated outdoor pool and pool with counterflow

  • offer of wellness trips, luxury accommodation, leisure-time activity offer, catering facilities
  • ready meals, selection of soups, range of appetizers, regional specialities, meat dishes, meatless meals, range of desserts, side dishes, rental of restaurant space, holding celebrations
  • musculoskeletal apparatus therapies, post-traumatic condition therapies, finnish sauna with cooling pool, massaging services, spa care
  • massage services, rehabilitation services, physiotherapy services, care of locomotor system, rehabilitation after injuries, massage aids

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