FALCON media, s.r.o.

Sokolska 557, Zlin 760 05
-outdoor advertising spaces:
-CITY-LIGHT showcases
-telephone booths
-mobile advertising
-advertising on gable walls
-advertising on newsstands.

Production, implementation:
-outdoor advertising:
-large-area advertising - billboards, bigboards
-city light display cases
-printed materials, business cards.

Services connected with advertising:
-graphic design
-posters and stickers
-preparation of an offer according to your requirements
-quality and timely sticking of your order
-installation of untraditional formats (extensions, 2D formats) is possible
-continuous checking and repair of damaged carriers.

  • creative studio, 3D visualization and animation, Internet applications, webdesign work, advertising production
  • promotional items, advertising T-shirts, promotional writing implements, advertising notepads and mugs, promotional caps and bags
  • production of printed advertising, Internet advertising preparation, production of radio commercials, billboards production, television commercial production
  • data transmission, output device, compact disc, printing services, inkjet and laser printer, offset printing

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