Funeral home Konkordia provides all complex services in the event of death - funeral ceremonies, funerals in the church, civil and church farewell, cremation, funeral including music and flowers, transporting the deceased, excavation of the grave, arranging the registry office, funeral notices.

Funeral service:
 -civil and church farewell
 - burial by iron and earth, funeral without ceremony, funeral in crematorium
 -floral gifts
 -Printing of funeral notices
 - ensuring bus transport
 -secure music
 - Covering inscriptions on the urn
 - Sale of decorative containers for urns
 - transport of the deceased in the Czech Republic and abroad
 - processing of registry office:
  - the following documents are necessary for the issue of a death certificate:
   - Citizen card of the deceased and the guardian
   -family and marriage certificate of the deceased.

We will arrange all kinds of ceremony according to your wishes.

Fulfilling the last wish of the deceased and equipping him with the funeral as he wished is the last thing we can do for him. Our funeral service will therefore help you in planning all kinds of ceremonies.

We will completely arrange church and civil farewells in Kromeriz and its environs, iron or burial burial.
We will also fulfill unconventional wishes in the form of special ceremonies, spaces or decorations.
We have been providing church ceremonies and funerals in churches in the district of Kroměříž for 22 years. John the Baptist in Kromeriz and municipalities Břest, Cetechovice, Hradisko, Hulin, Chropyne, Kyselovice, Kvasice, Rataje, Roštín, Skaštice, Těšnovice, Zborovice, zdounky, Zlámanka, Žalkovice.

In the most difficult moments, when you lose a loved one, we offer you services related to dignified farewell.

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