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Advertising agency STILLUS s.r.o, which can be found in Břeclav, is engaged in printing glasses, gift and promotional items, textiles and 3D advertising production. We also provide graphic work - we create logos, packaging design, magazine design, prints or brochures, car stickers, etc. We operate mainly in the area of Břeclav, Mikulov and Hodonín, but we also process orders from anywhere in the Czech Republic.

We specialize in printing glasses for wine, sparkling wine, but also for soft drinks. We take glasses from prestigious Slovak glassworks Rona, but also from the Czech company Bohemia Crystalex. The glass is printed by the sandblasting method, which creates an indelible print. We also use laser engraving or pad printing in pantone colors. We have also invented wine glass bags - a textile carrier that will be used by customers for wine tasting.

We also provide 3D and light advertising. We make three-dimensional logos and inscriptions made of XPS, plexiglass, metal, artificial wood or plastic. Lighting will make the logo or sign visible at night. We also supply light boxes or frames and totems. In this area we also produce orientation systems (indicators) for offices, industrial premises, hotels, offices etc.

Another area of our activity is graphic work. We produce new logos or provide redesign of old ones. Then we create your corporate identity - we get logos for business cards, flyers or billboards. We also design the packaging to make it a visually appealing attraction for customers. We also deliver magazines and catalogs for the visual appeal, style and look that will appeal to every reader.

As an advertising agency, we also perform large format printing. In this area we create advertising areas and banners, shop and shop stickers, atmospheric wallpapers with logo in corporate design, floor graphics, vehicle stickers or presentation systems (roll-ups, pop-up walls). Regarding stickers of vehicles, we apply stickers on cars, vans and trucks. We use partial stickers - cut foils (for doors, bonnet) or full stickers for company cars. We cover the windows with certified homologated foils. We also cover the cars with special protective foils that protect the paint from damage caused by flying stones and branches.

Our production also includes printed materials and brochures. We provide economically undemanding digital printing, but also offset, suitable for printing a large number of leaflets or brochures. We can also beautify all printed materials thanks to lamination, embossing, blind printing or UV partial varnish coating. we print leaflets, brochures, municipal newsletters, corporate printed matter, envelopes, business cards, postcards, calendars, catalogs, letterheads, invitations, greeting cards, wedding cards, styles, folders, folders or blocks. We also print gift packaging and packaging, such as plastic and paper bags with the company logo or cardboard packaging with die-cuts. We also make customized gift packaging, such as wine packaging. Also tasteful boxes or custom-made gift boxes are tasteful.

We are also preparing promotional items - we will transfer the logo to everything you can think of. Customers, employees or business partners can thus delight with practical gifts with the company logo. We apply printing on stationery and office supplies, mugs, glass and ceramics, bags or backpacks, pendants, IT promotional items, clocks, but also on knives, tools, lamps, items for sport and leisure. We also apply logos to any piece of textiles, such as baseball cap, hat, scarf, t-shirt, sweatshirt, jacket or vest. For textile printing we use screen printing, embroidery or thermal transfer printing. We also produce sports items for fans or sports clubs. We offer laminated and textile flags, mini-pants, fan scarves, medals, engraved cups, traveling cups, trophies and children's clothing.

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