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Výroba kuchyně

  • manufacture of joinery elements, construction timber, woodworking industry, boards and laths, sawmill production, wooden semi-finished products
  • kitchen benches, painted kitchen worktops, wooden chairs, dining tables of massive wood, tailor-made kitchens, dining sets, kitchen cabinets
  • tailor-made bedrooms, individual kitchen sets, living room designing, manufacture of oversized furniture
  • wardrobes and bookcases, hallway shoe cabinets and racks, walk-in wardrobe equipment, clothes chest of drawers, shoe storage systems, storage systems for clothes
  • wooden furniture making, tailor-made bedrooms, massive wood furniture, furniture manufacture to order, sales of wooden cabinets
  • wooden construction boards, roof lathes, wooden planks, wooden prisms, truss timber, natural boards
  • conference tables, metal furniture, coat-stands and coat hangers, footrests and backrests, benches and chairs, message boards and blackboards

Czech Companies:    Building timber,  Cabinets and storage facilities,  Furniture made to measure,  Joinery work,  Kitchen furniture,  Office and school furniture,  Veneers, plywoods, products made of cork,