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Company LAMÉ, s.r.o. is engaged in the production of quality kitchen cabinets and kitchen furniture. In addition to kitchens we are engaged in furniture assembly and also produce built-in wardrobes, children's and interior furniture to measure. Of course there are graphic designs with price calculation.

An integral part of our services is also the sale of supplies for carpenters, furniture makers and home improvement. In our assortment you can find various joinery and joinery materials:
- moldings of wood and plastic
- doors, handles, handles, handles
- furniture and building fittings
- tools for working wood and plastics
- a rich selection of modern adhesives
- sealants for quick and easy assembly of rails, panels, boards, etc.
- chipboard, laminate, plywood, fibreboard
- window sills
- wood-based materials
- prisms, moldings
- worktops and granite countertops
- sinks
- DIY supplies.

Lamé has many years of experience in furniture production and manufactures custom-made furniture:

- kitchen shelves and cabinets
- office furniture
- interiors
- small furniture
- Children's furniture
- built-in cabinets
- furniture for surgeries, pharmacies, hospitals
- furniture for senior homes
- furniture for schools, households, companies, offices.

When processing the kitchen you have a large selection of worktops.

Our system allows for great variability and meets various requirements. Production is carried out on the basis of a tailor-made project according to the customer's wishes.

- graphic design processing (3D display)
- kitchens, offices, business premises and others
- complete supply and installation, including delivery of electrical appliances
- consulting
- milling of material
- gluing of furniture parts
- production of blanks, furniture parts, doors.

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