LOMAX & Co s.r.o.

Areál společnosti Lomax, Bořetice

Production, assembly and service:
-sectional doors:
-DELTA - all sizes made-to-measure according to customer's demands. Paint coat according to RAL colour cards - any colour.
-DELTA Decor - true wood imitation - mahogany, marshy oak, light beech, gold oak finish
-DELTA Creative - make your own design of door or choose from 9 basic types
-roller garage doors GARAROL
-all-aluminium doors, modest operation. We offer 9 basic colour shades or true wood imitation finish
-Minirol blinds in front of window
-aluminium, plastic or combined window blinds. We offer 4 types of roll-blinds and 24 colour shades of slats.
-window blinds LUX - suitable for existing buildings
-FACADE BOX - the same as the LUX blind but the box is destined for plastering and making one whole with a facade
-LEHR system - a blind suitable for new buildings
-MINIBLOK - a blind above a window suitable for new buildings and reconstructions.

Trademarks: Lomax, Delta, Praktik
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