Pavel Stepan

namesti Svobody 27, Vyskov - Dedice 682 01

Sale, wholesale, retail trade, export:
-metallurgical material
-tel: +420-517350629.
Tyre services:
-Mon-Fri 6.00-18.00, Sat 8.00-13.00
-tel: +420-517350939, +420-606748117
-repair and sale of tyres, tires for passenger cars and lorries
-wheel balancing - passenger cars and lorries
-filling with nitrogen
-puncture repairs - TERMOPRES
-immediate repair by loan way
-tyre treads
-special tyres
-with 4 tyres purchase free assembly
-waste wood
-purchase of wood waste (sawdust, edgings)
-manufacture of biomass, wood chips
-paper tubes, paper waste.
Purchase and treatment:
-waste metal
-alloyed waste
-non-ferrous metals.
Hire - positioning of containers:
-container rent is not charged in a case of metal scrap, free loading by means of hydraulic grab-arm is possible.
Lorries with a driver:
-1x TATRA 815 (container, trailer)
-1x LIAZ 152 (container, incl. trailer).
-2x Mercedes ACTROS (container, trailer)
-1x Mercedes ACTROS (hydraulic arm, container, trailer).
Work with hydraulic arm:
-with a grab or a fork for wood, debris, building waste, rubble
-container provision.
Crane work, autocrane:
-PRAGA V3S, AD 080, loading capacity 8 tons.
Interest in import of thin-walled steel sections from abroad.

The firm offers for sale:
-2 pieces of hardening tank:
-type: OW 80/7
-manufacturer: ZEZ Praha k.p. - ZEZ Kolin
-technical data: volume for 530l of oil
-year of construction: 1991
-1 piece of electric car-type hardening furnace:
-type: RDO 10.15.6/10 - REALISTIC
-manufacturer: ZEZ Praha k.p. - ZEZ Karlovy Vary
-technical data: 70kW, 1000°C, 3x 380V
weight 2300kg, without lining
-accessories - switchboard, charging truck
-year of construction: 1991
-1 piece of electric hardening furnace:
-type: KNSK 25/8
-manufacturer ZEZ Praha k.p. - ZEZ Kolin
-technical data: 45kW, 1200°C, 3x 380V, without lining
-accessories - switchboard, charging truck
-year of construction: 1991
-all mentioned devices are new, unused.

-a hall in South Moravia region - Pohorelice
4.000 m2
- mill - capacity 40 t/24 hour.

Reg. No.: 15243133
VAT No.: CZ500310025
District: Vyskov
Country: The Czech Republic
Legal form: entrepreneur with trade license
Employees: 26 - 100 employees
Turnover: 1 851 thousand - 3 703 thousand €
Contact person: Pavel Štěpán

  • defect repairs, replacement of worn tyres, winter/summer tyre change, storage of used tyres, tyre sales
  • rental of of immovable property, home sale, real estate activities, office premises, flats and houses
  • mobile crane hire, load handling, cargo crane transport, rental of platforms
  • treatment of secondary raw materials, purchase and processing of metals, recycling of construction debris, economical use of waste
  • rubbish dump management, waste collection yard, waste sorting, waste management, ecological disposal of wrecks
  • tube repairs, tube sales, tyre sales, car tyres, design deepening, treads
  • metal equipment, steel structures, custom metalworking, three-dimensional modules, residential sets, trade fair stands
  • wide range of aluminium alloys, non-ferrous metals, stainless steel, metal alloys, welded pipes

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