A studio group, spol. s r.o.

  • mass electronic campaigns, advertising campaigns organisation, direct marketing, event marketing, telemarketing

  • colour pattern books, graphic works, large-scale prints of posters, preparation for silkscreen printing, braille print striking

  • billboard rent, marketing campaign organisation, brand building, marketing surveys

  • sales of advertising objects, advertising object prints, gift packaging of advertising objects

  • offset printing, digital printing, polygraphic production, catalogue printing, newspaper and periodical printing, label printing, printer

  • illuminated panels, large format printing, car posting, relief signs, navigation systems, advertising boards

With each new job, we start writing another story. We are creating your new corporate identity. We help you with your business. We are not just an ordinary team, we are a family. A family that doesn't lie is honest with itself and pulls together. And we establish this relationship with you. You become part of our team, our family. We think that you will do better and that you will be happy to return to us.

Together we create your new future.

- We can bring you new customers.
- We know how to create interest in your products.
- We provide a complete advertising service, we produce everything with us.
- Our people are substitutable within the company.
- We are a team of experienced experts in graphics, printing and advertising.
- We own state-of-the-art technological equipment.
- We operate in the spirit of fair play.
- We respect the principles of morality and ethics
- We're constantly learning.
- We have been creating advertising for over 20 years

We enjoy our work, and we always know the result

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A studio group, spol. s r.o.


Nerudova 1339/579
Kyjov 697 01

+420 518 616 111

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