TERAMEX s.r.o.

  • forklift trucks, conveyor belts, handling equipment, roller conveyers, band conveyors

  • handling robots, small robotics, high-precision robots, telescopic handlers

  • complex technological lines, aluminium processing lines, incinerator lines, technological recycling lines

Contact TERAMEX sro for the supply and design of machinery for the concrete and food industry. - a traditional supplier of handling equipment. We provide handling, palletizing and vibratory technologies. We also offer palletization, robotization and depalletization. It designs and supplies its services and products for the whole Czech and Slovak Republic and abroad.

A satisfied customer is a priority for our company as well as quality and professional design and construction work, in which the foundations are laid for the production of machines and equipment according to the latest knowledge and trends, adapted to the needs and requirements of the user.

Our products:

Robotization (increasingly used as the last link in a production and packaging line)

- robotic palletization and depalletization
- palletising technology, technology (palletizers are an effective solution to the needs of production plants and packaging lines, they are efficient, reliable and also very economical in the long term)

Handling lines, technology for the concrete and food industry (consisting of several individual machines that perform a given operation)

Conveyors, conveyor systems for moving and transporting goods (plate, modular, belt, belt, chain, roller)

Magnetic palletisers and depalletisers, magnetic manipulator (suitable for handling cans, with glasses with lids)

Vibratory production, vibratory technology, wet cast

Foil Stacker (used to lay mesh between individual layers of concrete products or foil to cover the last layer, machine operation is manual or automatic)

References - recently we have realized orders for Concrete Brož Přerov, Schiedel Zlin, Czech Pak, Hamé Babice, Pika Bzenec, Slovácká Fruta Kunovice, Presbeton Nova Olomouc, ABW Králová pri Senci, Diton Jihlava, Tambor Brewery Dvůr Králové nad Labem
 - palletising and handling technology.

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