Betonove ploty Harasta

Nova Ves (byvaly areal Statniho statku), Pohorelice - Nova Ves 691 24
For the production of concrete fences, curbs and fence posts there is the company Concrete Fences Petr Harašta.
You will be satisfied not only with quality design and professional approach to customers, but also with great price.

Petr Harašta is one of the leading suppliers of concrete products and installation of concrete fencing in the Czech Republic. Thanks to our own production and technology development, all products are of a really professional quality. However, it also supplies concrete products abroad, where it already has a lot of satisfied customers.

We are specialists especially in the construction of concrete fences and other fencing. We are always happy to provide professional advice not only in the area of selection but also in production. All products will also be shipped to all corners of the Czech Republic.

Everybody can choose cheap concrete fences:
- rich choice of 30 styles (individual parts can be combined)
- we produce fences at a height of 0, 5 to 3 m (import is also secured to the site and their subsequent position)
- long service life (up to 50 years)
- choose from these concrete fences (stainless or round bricks, chipped stone, flat or combined stones, wooden boards or logs, inserted wood, veins, grapes and others)
- easy and quick assembly, can also be mounted in masonry posts
- We will also ensure the removal of the old fence, including debris removal.

Other quality concrete products - retail, wholesale, sale, production, distribution, supply, assembly, construction, construction:

- concrete posts for joining the individual parts of the fence (round bricks, chipped stone, smooth or vineyard post)
- canopies and wall coverings (protecting the enclosure from rain or the sun)
- thin-walled concrete rings and well hatches
- thin, thick and rounded concrete curbs (boundaries between sidewalks, roads or lawns)
- troughs with grate, concrete troughs or troughs
- rake boards for elegant and efficient fence construction solutions.

However, if you do not choose from our offer of concrete products and fences, then we will be happy to produce any large concrete fence elements (concrete elements of rectangular shapes). For larger deliveries we are able to produce atypical shapes and dimensions (as agreed).

We also provide the following works:
- reconstruction, repair of old and damaged fences (eg after a road accident). Can also be used as a noise barrier.
- modification of concrete columns for the construction of fences on the existing concrete foundation.

We provide discounts to regular or contractual customers, construction companies and construction companies.

Our production and operation is in the village of Nová Ves near Pohorelice, a former state farm, on the route Brno-Mikulov, South Moravia.

Concrete fences and products from Harašta Petr - these are quality Czech products at a great price. Check our website regularly, where we always prepare interesting events and discounts.

Do not hesitate to contact us today - we will focus, design, implement!

  • concrete components, concrete blocks, concrete pavement, concrete centerings and columns, concrete tanks, concrete road elements

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