MERLIN-PLUS spol. s.r.o.

MERLIN-PLUS, which is based in Hrušky Břeclav, is engaged in wholesale and distribution of oils and lubricants and other automotive fluids. We are authorized dealer of oils and lubricants brand TOTAL throughout Moravia and the Highlands. We also focus on tribotechnics - in this area we provide tribotechnical service and consultancy.

Our range of oils and lubricants offers motor oils for trucks, commercial and passenger cars and motorcycles. We store gear oils for mechanical and automatic gearboxes. You can also buy oils and lubricants for construction and agricultural machinery and greases. You can also buy hydraulic, industrial gear, compressor, preservative and cutting oils, as well as emulsion and heat transfer fluids.

Our company is an authorized distributor of TOTAL oils and lubricants. Under this brand you will find all types of oils and lubricants that can be used in a variety of sectors - passenger and freight transport, agricultural technology and various industries. TOTAL also produces gear oils. Our activities also include the distribution of automotive oils for gasoline and diesel engines and motorcycle oils ELF. We are also a dealer of MOL lubricants and car chemicals. This manufacturer's product range includes hydraulic oils for automotive applications and engine oils that can be used in trucks, agricultural machinery and buses or commercial vehicles. We provide distribution of MANNOL products throughout Moravia and the Highlands. Here you will find products for passenger cars with both petrol and diesel engines, as well as oils for agricultural and construction machines.

We also provide tribotechnical advice and support. We provide laboratory analyzes of lubricants that circulate in machinery. Based on the analysis, we determine and verify the condition of the machinery. We will advise you which lubricant is suitable for the type of vehicle or machine and advise you how to apply it correctly.

You can also buy car chemistry and car cosmetics in our shop. Sell winter and summer washers, but also defrosters and insect removers. We also stock brake and coolant fluids, lubricating sprays and additives. Our range also includes car care products and cleaning and washing preparations.

We also provide trucking. We transport goods of all kinds on classic cars with tarpaulin up to 24 tons of weight. We operate mainly in the Czech Republic, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and Austria.



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