EZP Milan Zatloukal

Valticka 1295, Mikulov 692 01
Sales, distribution:
-electrical installation material
-floor heating
-NN electrical installation up to 1000 V
- lightning conductors and electric floor
-wiring, heating, floor
hot water heating
-solar equipment
-central vacuum cleaners.

Projects, revisions:
-projects, revisions of electrical installations and
lightning conductors up to 1000 V
-revision of default, continuous, electrical
-projects, revisions (water, heating, gas,
solar equipment).

  • electric material trade, cables and light fittings, switches and sockets, frequency converters, overvoltage protection
  • kitchen robots, kitchen dashers, meat mincing machines, home coffee makers, kettles, hair dryers, safety razors, irons, vacuum cleaners
  • heavy current distribution systems, electrical wiring, wiring repairs, electrical equipment service, door bell wiring, intercom wiring, preparation of CATV wiring, Internet connection preparation
  • installation of gas systems, inspection of gas equipment, maintenance of gas distribution network, gas fitter services, repairs of gas pipelines and gas installations
  • heat pump assembly, solar panel designing, floor heating implementation, boiler replacement
  • industrial water distribution systems, plumbing reconstruction, sewerage installation, reconstruction of sanitary units, water plumber
  • solar power generation, solar energy distribution, sale of solar energy, photovoltaic power plants

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