AMAKO, spol. s r.o.

AMAKO, SPOL. s r.o. is a Czech manufacturer of steel poles, brackets, public and outdoor lighting columns and signaling.

We have 20 years of experience in the Czech and foreign markets.

Production of high quality steel tubes:
-steel poles, columns, brackets (flanges, arms), lamps for public lighting, traffic signaling, light signaling
-garden and outdoor (road, street) lights, lighting fixtures, lighting gardens, cities, parks
-light towers, spotlights holders, spotlights for sports field lighting, playgrounds, industrial premises
-decorative, reflector and railway poles
-posts, post for traffic signs
-columns for local radio and traffic signs
-typical masts and booms according to requirements
 -lighting, road, highway, railway, flag, orchard, socket, capless, flanged, advertising masts, decorative, platform towers and ladders
- Sockets, terminal blocks, lamps.

Types of masts:
Crossing, orchard, road, highway, railway, decorative, flag, advertising, lighting tower, electric equipment, booms, conical masts

For traffic signaling:
- Pedestrian mast with plate
- Pedestrian mast without plate
- Boom mast
- Manual steering column.

Park poles:
orchard mast
 - capless two-stage - type LBH flange A, LBH A
        type KKA, type KK
 - tapeless three-stage type LBH B, type KL, type K, LBH flange B
 - capless single-stage - type LBS, decorative
 - octagonal - type STH
 - square - type STC, conical
 - conical for public lighting - type AZTECA and ICON
 - octagonal octagonal for public lighting
         -type TANGO and ROTEIRO.
 - Socket two-stage type S

Transition masts:
Square mast for backlighting STPC
Octagonal orchard for backlighting type STPH
Socket-free three-stage road mast for backlighting - type STP 6C + UD-Z 2 boom
Staple-free three-stage STP type mast for backlighting

Road masts:
- Socketless four-stage type JBUD
- capless two-stage type LPH
- Socketless two-stage type STB A
- Socketless three-stage type JB
- tapeless three - stage type JB Z
- Socketless three-stage type JBUD
- Socket-free three-stage type JBUD flanged
- capless type JB flanged
- capless type STB B
- two-stage socket type J 11
- three-stage socket type J

Construction fitting work and metal production:
- steel structures for various applications (eg: gates, stairs, railings, grilles, fences, etc.)
- structural parts subjected to static loads up to 20 meters
- sheet metal processing, sheet metal
- Cutting, burning and plasma cutting - flat and round.

Columns and poles are widely used for public and outdoor lighting of roads, public areas, sports facilities, crossings, sidewalks ....

Our product catalog, mast description and design can be downloaded from our website.

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