Nadezda Feithova

U Mlyna 238, Pouzdrany 691 26
ALFA flour mill and packing plant.
Production and sale.
Flour mill - mill products:
- Wheat, rye, corn flour:
plain light flour, plain half-light flour, plain bread flour,
flours, choice medium ground flour, coarse flour Golden Ear,
graham flour, rye bread flour, superfine rye flour, rye graham (whole grain)
- Dehydrated fine wheat semolina
- Corn flour and semolina.

Mixtures for home baking, bread mixtures
- Caraway, sunflower, multigrain bread, sweet baking.

Peeled barley: beads, small, medium no. 7, big 10
Podded peas: yellow podded halved peas.

Products of healthy, well-balanced diet:
- Buckwheat, millet, oat flakes, poppy seeds, legumes - white beans, coloured beans, lentils.

Wheat, rye, corn feed:
- Feeding wheat flour, wheat bran, rye bran, corn grout

Dough plant:
- Egg pasta
- Hand-packed:
- Wide noodles, thin noodles, silk noodles, festive noodles, vermicelli.
- Small stars, cards, bows, pasta rice, shells, square flat pieces of pasta, fusilli, various types of elbow macaroni, coloured fusilli and other shapes of pasta.

High-quality flour from our own production is used for pasta production.

Feeding pasta for dogs.

We carry out:
- Milling and grinding of cereals, pea podding
- Packaging of loose and granular foods
- Purchase of cereals and maize.

Services - loose food packing, milling and grinding of cereals, pea podding.

Shop, sale of healthy diet, healthy food.

  • wrapping in paper and cellophane, packaging into bags, sealing in plastic film, ribbon tying, packing in gift boxes
  • instant soups, pasta and sauce, powder half-products, instant paps, instant sauces, frozen half-products
  • jasmine rice, long-grain rice, dry lentils, dry beans, dry peas, eggless pasta, italian pasta
  • plain wheat flour, semi-coarse wheat flour, coarse wheat flour, rye flour, maize meal and corn meal, granulated sugar, icing sugar, fat production
  • complex dog feed, cat feed, rodent feed, fish feed, complementary animal feed

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