Obecni urad Brod nad Dyji

c.45, Brod nad Dyji 691 81
Municipal Office.OÚ.
The village is located under the Dunajovické hills,
in the former floodplain of the Dyje River, which was altered by the regulation and construction of the Nové Mlýna waterworks, 35 km southeast of Brno and 12 km northwest of Mikulov

Among the local monuments, the church of St. John of Nepomuck from 1770 and the statue of St. Florián and Jan Nepomucký in the village. The chapel on the hill on the edge of the village and house No. 83 are still protected.

Nature - part of the cadastre of the village lies in the Dyje floodplain, which was changed by the regulation and construction of the Nová Mlýna waterworks.
In the process, alluvial meadows and floodplain forests disappeared
smaller groves mostly consist of poplar plantings.

Brno-Vienna cycle paths, Mikulovská wine trail and around ATC Merkur. the people's environment mainly attracts sports fishermen, and the number of wine cellars in turn attracts lovers of good wine. Very good bus connections on the Brno-Mikulov line.

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