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ENVIROmarket will provide you with clean and quality water. It works in the field of water treatment and its filtration, disinfection and softening. It has been engaged in wholesale since 1990, and in its assortment you will find equipment for drinking water treatment, limescale filters, hard water softeners and a rich amount of additional assortment.

It provides everyone with an affordable and highly effective way to treat water and improve the quality of the water you consume or otherwise use. Treated water is suitable for permanent use.

Our solutions are water filters and filtration, which are suitable for the treatment of water supplied from our own well (well water) and from the municipal waterworks (municipal water, tap water).

We supply filters for water treatment, which contains:

- impurities
- chlorine
- nitrates
- bacteria
and for water hardness adjustment.

Exclusive representation, wholesale, wholesale of water treatment range:

- water filter RAINFRESH, VITAL (improvement and treatment of domestic drinking water)
- chlorinated water treatment plants with special activated carbon
- disinfection filters or UV emitters, which capture and reliably eliminate all dangerous bacteria and thus cleanse bacteriologically harmful water
- mechanical filters protect against clogging of pipes and installed equipment (turbidity, rust and water slime)
- nitrate units to reduce high nitrate content
- products for hard water, limescale and corrosion
- water treatment plants
- spare inserts and refills
- test kits for the detection of nitrates in water
- kit for determining the hardness of water.

Location of home improvement in the house.

We are a member of the Czech Water Quality Association and we care about having tasty and safe water in every household.

  • sales of hose clamps, heat pumps, electrical boilers, water installation materials

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