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Company operation.
Design, development, production, assembly, installation, service, export
-purification of contaminated water, contaminated with oil products
-technology of purification and recycling of waste water from car-washing plants and vehicle washes
-hand washing technology, high-pressure units, CW100 unit, mobile, stationary
-gantry car washes, brush-type, tunnel, laser, non-contact car washes, street washing
-sewage treatment plants, wastewater treatment plants for oily wastewater, water containing oil products, nonpolar substances
-REBEKA 01, 02, 03, 05 wastewater treatment plants, with possibility of waste water recycling for car washing
-biological recirculation WWTPs for car washes of REBEKA CB type
-chemical demulsifying WWTPs for car cosmetic plants of REBEKA DJ 0.5, 1.0 type, car cosmetics
-built-up upper constructions of car-washing plant, car wash, hall, car wash booths, car wash centres, centers
-industrial, waste water purification technology
-rail vehicle, bus, trolleybus, truck washes
-BIO WWTP, biological sewage treatment plants, biological wastewater treatment plant
-plastic production, PP, polypropylene, wastewater collectors, troughs into car washes
-self-service tyre compressors, interior vacuum cleaners
-building steel structures and building furnishing elements
-engineering metal fabrication to order, metalwork, locksmithery
-stainless, steel, surface-treated handrails
-roof structures
-assembled steel halls
-gates and doors
-stairs, skylights / roof-lights.
-fuel stations, petrol, diesel, LPG
-service station, garage / car repair shop
-tire services / tyre services
-sale and distribution of technical gases
-gantry, brush-type, automatic car wash - washing vehicles at a car wash
-hand, manual, self-service, cleaning, washing booths, service.

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