Kamil Buchta


Dřevěné výrobky, dřevovýroba

Our company specializes in production and sale of wooden turned, milled and planed semi-finished products for the manufacturers of stairs, furniture, toys, lights and accessories for wooden floors.
We manufacture and supply products according to the latest trends and we put great emphasis on the high quality of workmanship.
We also carry out surface finishing, including high gloss.
We provide piece production, as well as production of small series and series of hundreds of thousands.

Small wooden products, wood turning, joinery, joinery production, manufacture of stairs, staircases Znojmo.
Wooden products:
- Rungs, columns, railing posts, stainless steel rungs, handles, screw covers, blind plugs, stringboards, treads, legs, holds, furniture rosettes, castors, figures, dice, bowls, dishes, plates, candle holders, cases, stands - for wine, boxes, clocks, floor rosettes, rings, pipe caps, tube covers
round timber, rods, poles, sticks, posts, skewers, skittles, Russian skittles, balls, briquettes.

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Wooden semifinished products


Milling, wood turning, wooden products, woodworking, the Czech Republic