VINO HORT s.r.o.

For tasting, tasting of pink, white, red, French wines in the wine cellar Znojmo come to us. The Hort family winery prides itself on high-quality ingredients that give rise to white, red, rose and French wines:
- Pinot Noir
- Savignon
- Riesling
- Zweigeltrebe
- Merlot

We follow the credo Variety & Location. The basis is hand harvest. At the winery we are not afraid of news and experiments, if they are in harmony with nature and natural production of wine. absolutely natural without sweetening sugar.
We have won several prestigious awards and our pride is rose wine as well as VOC branded wine.

In addition to wine, we also produce grape or cider.
They come from BIO sets, they contain no dyes and no preservatives.

Tasting from an individual to a group of 50 people, you can experience in our tasting cellar or wine bar.
You will always find wine in our special daily offer and our rare wines will not be missing.

Please contact us at:
 by phone: 602 149 445
or e-mail:

opening hours
MON-FRI: 9: 00–11: 30, 12: 00–17: 30 hours
SAT: 10 am - 6 pm
NO: as agreed
opening hours from 31.8.
MON - SUN: 10 - 19 hours

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VINO HORT s.r.o.


Polni 288
Hodonice 671 25
+420 602 149 445

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