IB - MET s.r.o.

  • waste recycling, waste management, waste disposal, sorting of plastics, paper sorting, metal separation, separation of white and coloured glass, collection of batteries

  • scrap repurchase, scrap collection, environment-friendly disposal of wrecks, metal scrap reprocessing, waste processing and disposal

  • tube repairs, tube sales, tyre sales, car tyres, design deepening, treads

  • spare parts for passenger cars, repurchase of car parts, windshield replacement, parts for transmissions, motor oil sales

  • ecological disposal of vehicles, crashed automobile purchase, damaged vehicles, wreck collection centre

Our company is engaged in the purchase and disposal of car wrecks and vehicles. We also provide services in the field of scrap metal and ecological disposal of vehicles. We also run a car wreck. Ecological disposal of vehicles, collection of secondary raw materials, sale of used car parts, wrecks, purchase of non-ferrous metals we perform in the vicinity of Znojmo, Moravian Krumlov, but also Rosice, Brno-countryside, Miroslav, Namest nad Oslavou, Moravske Budejovice, Pohorelice, Hrotovice, Hrusovan nad Jevisovkou, Velké Bíteš, Ivančice and Třebíč.

The company is located in Hluboké Mašůvky near Znojmo. The other two establishments are located in Moravský Krumlov on Ivančická 484 Street, focusing on the processing and ecological disposal of vehicles, as well as on U Mostu 588 Street, specializing in the purchase of secondary raw materials at high purchase prices in cash.

Within the framework of the operation of scrap metal, we focus on the purchase, transport and processing of scrap metal, non-ferrous metals, electric cables, electric motors and paper. You can also buy spare parts for cars - we have used spare parts of ŠKODA, VW, AUDI, SEAT, KIA at our car scrap yard.

In the field of ecological disposal of vehicles we also provide complete service - towing the vehicle and ensuring its ecological disposal. Subsequently, we will issue a certificate of ecological disposal of the car and we will log out the car from the vehicle register.

Our collectors and scrap metal buy:
- secondary raw materials, collecting raw materials
- non-ferrous metals, iron, cast iron, shavings, scrap metal
- car wrecks, electric motors,
- copper, brass, bronze, copper cables, aluminum AL, zinc, lead, tin, stainless steel, nickel,
- printed circuit boards from PCs, computers
- car batteries, accumulators,
- paper, cardboard, newspaper, cardboard
- catalysts

Kovošrot - tel .: +420 731 566 786
Car Cemetery - tel .: 727 940 718 or 731 879 525
Ecological disposal of vehicles - tel .: 724 731 959

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