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The company PERITO s.r.o., based in Dyje near Znojmo, is engaged in the production of aluminum, plastic and glass door panels. We also offer a wide selection of accessories in the form of door handles, handles, knockers, peephole and letter casts. They are distributed through a wide network of business partners, window and front door vendors. In addition to door panels, we also produce sandwich panels PER-IZOL.

Aluminum entrance doors
Thanks to their design and availability in various decors they are suitable for both modern and classic buildings. Aluminum entrance doors excel in their excellent insulating and thermal properties (also suitable for passive houses), long life, strength, durability, stability and easy maintenance.

Available aluminum entrance doors:
- ALU SMART series - offers the possibility of an embedded variant or one-sided covering of the sash frame, excellent properties of aluminum doors at an affordable price
- ALU DESIGN series - modern and original design, well-known designer MgA. Petr Novague, this series offers a choice of more than 60 models, the possibility of embedded, one-sided overlay or luxury two-sided overlay variants.

Glass front door
- GLASS range - their unique design illuminates the interior, is durable, stable and durable. The glass panel of this product is made of tempered glass, which ensures its strength and durability.

Plastic front doors
They are easy to maintain, have good thermal insulating properties and cost-effective entrance doors to your house and are available in several model lines:

- ENTRY series - provides excellent thermal insulation properties, high durability, easy maintenance, modern design. It represents the highest category of plastic doors and is the only one of the plastic doors to allow the design of the outer wing cover.
- HPL series - made of pressed synthetic resin - thanks to that they are strong, hard, resistant to sunlight and weather, thicker plates have good thermal insulation properties. Available in three model lines - ELEGANCE (using elegant, stainless steel frames around the glazing), PREMIUM (classic look with shaped frames around the glazing), VIZUAL (timelessness, simple smooth design, glazing without frames).
- ABS series - The basic model series, made of vacuum molded plastic ABS boards, is cheap, color fast and easy to maintain. Available in two model lines - CLASSIC (elegant round shapes) and TECHNIC (geometric shapes, also suitable for modern houses).
- BASIC range - thanks to a narrower selection of models, possible glazing and surface finishes, we have achieved a cost-effective, timeless design and still high quality range.

PER-IZOL sandwich panels
Our company is also a specialized manufacturer of various types of sandwich panels - in addition to standard types, we produce orders exactly according to customer requirements and requirements, which can meet various requirements for strength, thermal and acoustic insulation.

Accessories for entrance doors
All accessories for PERITO door panels are made of noble materials and are coated. The accessories are mounted directly in the door panel or delivered together with the panel to our partners, window and door manufacturers:

Company PERITO s.r.o. supplies the following door components:
- handles, handles, rosettes
- knockers
- peephole
- letter throws

  • metal windows, metal doors, aluminium windows, aluminum entrance doors, aluminium sliding doors, balcony glazing with aluminium windows
  • insulating materials, insulating foils and films, insulating glass and boards, glass wool
  • standard plastic window profiles, window glazing, insulating inserts for windows, heat insulation of houses
  • glass beams, industrial fillings, railings and facades, safety and laminated glass, glass tiling

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