Zelena zahrada

  • sales of decorative plant seeds, fruit seeds, vegetable seeds, products against weeds, fertilizers and composts

  • cakes and desserts, ice cream products, whipped creams, icings and decorations, baking bases, dried fruit

  • cold meals and platters, vegetable salads, banquet products, open sandwiches and canapés

  • milk and yogurts, butter spread, cottage cheese products, cheese specialities, cream and whipping cream

  • cover textiles, flowerbed lining, reed screens, quick-release clamps for hoses, sprayers, decorative stones

  • smoked meat products, sausage products, stewed ham, pig-slaughtering product range, minced meat, slaughter meat

  • agricultural products, citrus fruits, root vegetables, fruit pulp, healthy food

Retail, sale:
-professional and hobby products for the garden, house and workshop, forestry equipment
-grass electric mowers
-motor gasoline lawn mowers
-brushcutters, trimmers
-garden tools - sprayers, branch shredders, leaf vacuum cleaners, electric hedge trimmers, hand tools, submersible pumps, domestic waterworks, compressors, plastic vats
-irrigation systems-automatic irrigation
-garden ponds, accessories-lights, fountains, plastic accessories, pumps
-pool chemicals
-motor saws, accessories - canisters, files, oils, chains, bars, spare parts, protective aids
-electric chain saws
-electric hand tools
-sanding program - sanding belts, grinding and cutting wheels, lamellar, diamond, saw
-welding technology, welding units, polyfusion welders (electric solders, micro-solders, electric dryers)
-construction mixers for mortar and concrete
-garden mesh, wires, mesh accessories
-aluminium ladders and stairs, assembly platforms.

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