JEDNOTA, spotrebni druzstvo, Moravsky Krumlov

c. 330, Hevlin 671 69
Retail, sale:
-grocery store.

  • cow's milk, goat's milk, yoghurt drinks, fermented milk products, fresh butter, pasteurized milk, hard cheeses, soft cheese, cottage cheese products
  • cold drinks, hot drinks, coffees and teas, lemonades, syrups, tonic drinks, milk drinks, water and mineral water
  • agricultural products, citrus fruits, root vegetables, fruit pulp, healthy food
  • production of fresh baked goods, manufacture of long-life bakery products, production of Christmas cookies, pastries and confectionery, cakes to order
  • plain wheat flour, semi-coarse wheat flour, coarse wheat flour, rye flour, maize meal and corn meal, granulated sugar, icing sugar, fat production

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