Karel Kaspar LEDO servis

  • high pressure cleaning equipment, hydraulic pumps, sump pumps, piston-type compressors, screw compressors

  • gastronomic equipment, hot air ovens, convection ovens and cookers, stainless steel equipment, catering facilities equipment

  • distribution of freezer boxes, freezer extensions, cooling boxes, cooler assembly, cooling aggregate sales

  • manufacture of circular air ducts, gas air heaters, manufacture of noise absorbers, home and office air conditioning

Karel Kašpar - LEDO servis, based in Tasovice, specializes in the supply, production, assembly and installation of refrigeration equipment, air conditioning and heat pumps. We also provide warranty and post-warranty servicing of air-conditioning and cooling equipment and heat pumps. We are able to provide all cooling and air-conditioning equipment for customers around Znojmo and Moravský Krumlov.

In the field of air conditioning technology, we focus on the technology brands Daikin, Toshiba and Mitsubishi. We are able to design optimal solutions for our customers, whether it is house, commercial or office air conditioning. We are also involved in the design and installation of heating and hot water systems by means of heat pumps, especially Mitsubishi

As far as refrigeration equipment is concerned, we realize orders for panel freezers and refrigeration boxes in shops and stores of meat, vegetables, food and beverages. For our customers we also create atypical wine refrigerators for restaurants. When ordering, we pay attention to creating an optimal solution for cooling technology, which we then make to measure.

Karel Kašpar LEDO servis provides supplies and service:
- industrial refrigerators
- cooling boxes for restaurants and large cooling boxes at slaughterhouses and warehouses
- freezers
- refrigerated showcases and stainless steel counters
- ice makers

In addition, we guarantee warranty and post-warranty service to all our customers. We are able to carry out service within a few hours in case of failure or failure.

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