• kitchen tiling, bathroom tiles, ceramic tiles, exterior tiling, outdoor pavement

  • standard plastic window profiles, window glazing, insulating inserts for windows, heat insulation of houses

  • sales of high-standard floating floors, wooden parquets, terrace planks, double-layer wooden floors

  • coating systems, jointing materials, flexible sealants, adhesive sealants, cleaning chemicals, penetration coatings

  • assembly of roofing materials, heat insulation, new roofs, roof drawing documentation, sheet metal roofing distribution

  • wooden gate structures, wooden walls, paints of wooden gates, wooden fences to order

  • gypsum boards, heat and sound insulation, plasterboard lower ceilings, sheathing of lift shafts

  • elastic hydro insulating plasters, insulation glues, gap filling materials, silicone putties, mineral felt, insulating gaskets

  • building materials, sale of loose materials, artificial stone and brick, concrete mixtures, sale of building materials

  • floorboards and boards, wooden building material, battens and planks, wooden cases, beams and squared timber

You can buy all building materials and building materials in the vicinity of Hrušovany nad Jevišovkou in the building materials of the company KOBLIHA STAVITELSTVÍ s.r.o. We sell Masothing elements Porotherm, Ytong, Heluz or products of the brands Baumit and Cemix.

You can buy a complete range of building materials and building materials from reputable manufacturers at favorable prices.

We sell material for rough construction. We have brick systems Porotherm, Ytong, Heluz, but also drainage and drainage, waste and chimney systems and also reinforcing steel.

You can also buy adhesives, screeds, facade and primers and plasters from us - here you can choose Baumit, Cemix or Weber brand products.

In our building materials you will find everything you need for waterproofing and thermal insulation - asphalt strips, waterproofing foils, adhesives and penetrations, mineral wool, foam and extruded polystyrene, insulation boards and wood fiber insulation.

We also have for sale material for the implementation of sloping and flat roofs. This range includes fired, concrete, fiber-cement and sheet metal coverings, gutter systems, anchoring technology, separation foils and vapor barriers.

We also sell structural timber - OSB and Cetris boards, plywood, floorboards, floors and wooden fences.

Our range also includes paints, plasters, cements, mortars and other construction chemicals.

You can also get the necessary material for dry construction from us - plasterboard, gypsum fiber, cement fiber and special boards, mineral ceilings and lights.

In the building materials store, you can choose from a wide range of tiles, paving and building fillings (windows, door frames, doors, skylights or door cases).

You can buy tools and instruments, handling equipment and other work aids from us.


Porotherm, Ytong, Heluz, Baumit, Cemix

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