Nabytek KAFKA & SUBA, v.o.s.

KAFKA & ŠUBA, v.o.s.

  • suspended mirrors, cabinets with wash basin, bathroom cabinets, wooden shelves with lighting
  • dining room tables and chairs, kitchen units, corner seating groups, massive dining room set, bar stools, solid wood furniture
  • beds of massive wood, tailor-made beds,wooden night tables, inbuilt wardrobes of massive wood, grates and accessories
  • leather seating sets, luxury corner seating sets, convertible seating sets, all-upholstered seating sets, seating bags
  • wardrobes and bookcases, hallway shoe cabinets and racks, walk-in wardrobe equipment, clothes chest of drawers, shoe storage systems, storage systems for clothes
  • solutions of interiors and exteriors, architectural atelier, design studios, consulting services
  • bedding for single beds, bed linen for double beds, interior net curtains, interior draperies, sofa covers, armchair covering, textile home accessories
  • conference tables, metal furniture, coat-stands and coat hangers, footrests and backrests, benches and chairs, message boards and blackboards

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